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Nut Boat Navy

Sail the tiny seas with Nut Boat Navy

A little navy at your fingertips

Nut Boat Navy is tiny model boats made from real nut shells available for sale on Etsy. The boats come in all kinds, including sailboats, rowboats, tugboats, pirate ships, and more! We do hand-painted details, and take custom orders. Nut boats are also sold at events where Kaziem Designs appears.

Nut boats are made from natural materials, including real nuts, and are incompatible with water, fire, and people allergic to nuts. Nut boats are not toys and will not survive rough handling. Keep away from small children and curious cats. Our studio is smoke free.

Ingredients: real nut halves (walnut, pecan, etc), wood veneer (oak, balsa, etc), wood masts, archival paper sails, wood glue, thread, acrylic paint. Exact ingredients vary with season and availability.

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