Fanciful Illustrations and Creations


One of a kind handmade artworks for sale on Etsy and at local events

Kaziem Designs has a few places you can find our art! Our Nut Boat Navy line of little nut shell model boats has an Etsy shop. We do special requests and prints are available for many of the artworks featured on this site if you contact us. We partner with Storybook Craft Collective to make botanical-inspired lanterns and other home decor. We also appear at local events to sell our artwork, which includes many items not available online. Kaziem Designs is open for commissions and special projects, as well as contract work. Contact us if you're interested in a special order or custom work.


Nut Boat Navy on Etsy

Tiny model boats made from real walnuts! We have all kinds of boats and can do custom ordered and painted boats. We also have pirate-themed vessels. Yarrr!


Storybook Craft Collective

Geek-chic housewares. Our artwork appears on some of their lovely stuff, and we often appear together at local events.